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    Erik Taylor, LMFT

    My style of therapy is engaging, warm and curious. I tend to notice patterns and work collaboratively with clients to help them put their own life’s puzzle pieces together in a way that provides clarity. A mentor of mine frequently said that self knowledge allows us to make choices that we might not have seen before, which leads us to our own sense of personal power. Then we can finally be our authentic self. It can be a lengthy process, and sometimes painful, but once we see the places we become trapped, we can choose to do something else. The world begins to open to us.

     “We can only see as far into the world as we can see into ourselves.” -Mark Nepo

    Common issues that I work with are substance use and abuse, relationship difficulties, life stage transitions, mental health recovery related to anxiety disorders, depression and mood disorders, sexuality and struggles related to sexual identity. I find that my work with clients frequently touches on the ways we get trapped in patterns of family addiction, codependency, narcissism, abuse, trauma and toxic shame. Sadly, the nature of these patterns tend to be quite sticky and difficult to free ourselves from and while we often want to do that work ourselves, it can be helpful to have a trusted guide to help us through the struggle.
    I received my BA degree in English from Sonoma State University in 2009 and I completed my Masters Degree in Counseling Psychology with the University of San Francisco in 2017. I have had many careers prior to pursuing a career in psychology, some of which included journalism, farming, stone masonry, landscape contracting and design. Additionally, my work draws on my interests in art, literature, mythology and spirituality.


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